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RILA recognizes that ubiquitous internet access, changing consumer values, preferences, and lifestyles, coupled with the desire for increased on-demand shopping, have led to unprecedented disruption in virtually every industry; retail perhaps more than any other. America’s retailers are transforming and so is the field of asset protection.  
RILA is committed to supporting the AP industry’s efforts to adapt to today’s consumer needs without compromising safety, security, and profit. Those AP teams who embrace change and grow, find new ways to be relevant in their organization, and influence decision-makers will come out on top.  
RILA offers AP professionals a way to connect with their peers and other executives through benchmarking calls and in-person meetings for its AP communities. These activities empower RILA member executives to touch base with their peers throughout the year - sharing insights, collaborating to solve common problems, and aligning on initiatives that bring shared value to their organizations.

Why Asset Protection Matters to Retail 

Asset Protection holds a key to customer loyalty. Today’s shopper expects to find the product she needs when she needs it, enjoy a frictionless shopping environment, interact with product, and receive hassle-free returns.  In many instances, delivering a seamless experience for the customer is in direct conflict with safeguarding product against theft and loss.  Asset Protection is continually finding ways to strike the right balance.  
Customers and associates alike expect to enjoy a safe and secure environment in which to shop and work.  Asset Protection is often relied upon to develop training programs to mitigate the risk of injury to shoppers and employees.  Safe lifting techniques, proper forklift operation, parking lot security, active shooter training, effectuating safe apprehensions, and managing disgruntled customers are just some of the safety-related challenges Asset Protection is tackling. 
Organized Retail Crime (ORC) is a growing problem for leading retailers. Shrink is increasing, as are instances of violence, and more stolen goods are sold online than ever before. Meanwhile, law enforcement responsiveness is down due to many factors, including budget constraints and rising felony theft levels.
Retailers face enormous risk to brand reputation due to the millions of interactions with consumers each day because any one of these interactions can escalate into a consumer crisis.  Many interactions are initiated by Asset Protection and the industry is examining how Diversity & Inclusion programs can positively influence outcomes. 

Our Priorities 

RILA’s goal is to work collaboratively with leading retailers to bring new insights, tools, and techniques to help the industry better understand and tackle the problem of retail loss.
RILA is focused on driving conversations within relevant RILA communities to create consensus around how best to limit a criminals’ ability to sell stolen property, especially through online marketplaces. RILA has begun to engage state and federal policymakers, including the White House, directly on this and on tangential issues, such as the sale of counterfeit goods online. Specifically, RILA has directly encouraged the Trump administration’s recently announced efforts to hold online marketplaces accountable for the sale of counterfeit goods on their platforms.
Total Retail Loss Report

Total Retail Loss Report

Total Retail Loss 2.0 report builds on the groundbreaking research commissioned three years ago by the RILA Asset Protection Leaders Council in partnership with Professor Adrian Beck from the University of Leicester in the UK. This updated report analyzes the adoption of Total Retail Loss (TRL), and now offers 42 categories of loss, up from 33 in the original version,to account for losses associated with E-commerce, and a structured approach to using the typology based on the experiences of early adapters around the world.

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A Deeper Look into Asset Protection

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Startup Innovation Awards for Asset Protection

Startup Innovation Awards for Asset Protection

RILA's RTech Asset Protection Innovation Awards recognizes retailers innovate in the areas addressed in the Total Retail Loss Report.

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Asset Protection Committees

Retailers are transforming, and so is the field of asset protection. RILA is committed to supporting the AP industry’s efforts to adapt to today’s consumer needs without compromising safety, security, and profit.

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