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Retailers rely on complex global supply chains to ensure customers have access to the products they need and want at the best possible prices. RILA recognizes that a focus on ubiquitous internet access, changing consumer values, preferences, and lifestyles, coupled with the desire for increased on-demand shopping, have led to unprecedented disruption in virtually every industry. Retail perhaps more than any other.  As we look ahead to what’s on the horizon, RILA will continue to promote innovation, education and communication throughout the supply chain to accelerate what’s possible. 

Ethical Supply Chains

For 20+ years, our members have implemented some of the most rigorous measures to ferret out unethical manufacturing practices around the world.

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Keeping Supply Chains Open & Resilient

RILA supports infrastructure policy that invests in American growth & upgrades the nation’s aging & congested ports, highways, airports, and bridges.

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Promoting Market Access & Forging Trade Relationships

Retailers are the largest U.S. importers and understand the important role trade plays in fostering U.S. economic competitiveness.

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Securing and Growing the Retail Supply Chain

RILA is engaged with Congress and Administration in voicing retailers’ concerns over negative impact tariffs have on the industry and consumer.

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Navigating Retail Supply Chain Challenges

Retailers are committed to working through today’s supply chain challenges to deliver for customers.

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Supporting Free Markets and Free Trade

When policies are fair and allow retailers to compete, customers, communities, and workers all benefit.

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Keeping the U.S. Competitive: Washington Focused on China

The impact of congressional and administrative actions relating to China on retail trade and supply chains.

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Keeping the U.S. Competitive

Explore the impact of US-China Policy on retail trade and supply chain.

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Supply Chain Committees

Ubiquitous internet access and evolving consumer preferences have led to unprecedented disruption in retail. RILA is committed to helping the retail supply chain community adapt with knowledge and innovative solutions.

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Upcoming Meetings

Retail Supply Chain Conference 2025

  • Feb 16, 2025
  • Orlando, FL

Supply Chain Leaders Council Meeting

  • Sep 26, 2024
  • Chicago, IL (Bolingbrook)

Retail Supply Chain Conference 2024

  • Feb 25 - Mar 31, 2024
  • Dallas, TX

RILA's Retail Supply Chain Conference is the only event of its kind - gathering top executives from leading retailers to network and learn.

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Retail Works for All: 2023 Public Policy Priorities

Supporting Free Markets and Free Trade

When policies are fair and allow retailers to compete, customers, communities, and workers all benefit.

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Building Communities

Given challenges across the industry, RILA pursues coordinated legislation, to ensure retailers can continue to enhance communities.

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Ensuring a Safe, Sustainable Future

RILA is working with lawmakers to help shape policies that protect our customers and meet expectations regarding environmental concerns.

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Strategic Initiatives that support performance, compliance and transform the industry

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