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This year marks an exciting time for the Retail Industry Leaders Association (RILA) and the entire retail ecosystem. The global supply chain is evolving and so are America’s retailers. As consumer demands shift, the desire to purchase goods and services anytime, anywhere is driving today’s dynamic retail environment. RILA is committed to helping our supply chain community meet consumer needs with knowledge and innovative solutions.    

RILA recognizes that a focus on ubiquitous internet access, changing consumer values, preferences, and lifestyles, coupled with the desire for increased on-demand shopping, have led to unprecedented disruption in virtually every industry. Retail perhaps more than any other.  As we look ahead to what’s on the horizon, RILA will continue to promote innovation, education and communication throughout the supply chain to accelerate what’s possible.   

Why Supply Chain Matters to Retail 

Supply chains are what link shoppers with the experiences and products they desire.  In today’s retail world, customer expectations demand supply chains that are faster, more flexible, and more seamless than ever.  Global trade rules and efficient supply chains are essential to retail operations.  The vast retail supply chain supports millions of American jobs and provides consumers with the products they want on-demand and at the best possible prices.  To help retailers move products from shore to shelf, global supply chains rely on open markets for goods and services, updated infrastructure, and efficient operations.

Our Priorities  

As the largest U.S. importers, leading retailers are actively engaged with Congress and the Administration to highlight the negative impact tariffs and a trade war will have on retail operations and our customers.  The tidal wave of tariffs on washing machines, steel and aluminum, and goods coming from China have created uncertainty for trade flows and the growth of the overall U.S. economy.  RILA advocates a bold trade agenda that creates new opportunities for open markets while facilitating the efficient movement of goods across our borders and through American ports.

State of Retail Supply Chain Report


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A Deeper Look into Supply Chain

Securing and Growing the Retail Supply Chain

Securing and Growing the Retail Supply Chain

RILA is engaged with Congress and Administration in voicing retailers’ concerns over negative impact tariffs have on the industry and consumer.

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Startup Innovation Awards for Supply Chain

Startup Innovation Awards for Supply Chain

RILA's Innovation Awards for Supply Chain recognizes retailers who find new solutions dedicated to helping innovate the retail supply chain.

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Retail Resources for Coronavirus

Retail Resources for Coronavirus

Leading Retailers are preparing their employees and customers for any potential impacts related to the coronavirus.

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Supply Chain Committees

Ubiquitous internet access and evolving consumer preferences have led to unprecedented disruption in retail. RILA is committed to helping the retail supply chain community adapt with knowledge and innovative solutions.

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