Technology and Innovation
Technology and Innovation

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Disruption in retail is being accelerated by a wide range of existing innovations, from smart technologies and automation to new business models, such as renting and sharing. To survive and thrive in today’s retail environment, retail leaders have had to fully embrace RTech – the confluence of retail and technology – and make thoughtful decisions about the role of innovation within their company cultures. The retail innovation ecosystem, which includes RILA’s highly engaged RTech community, works strategically together to address critical retail industry needs.


RILA educates policymakers on the challenges and opportunities that technologies and innovations bring to the retail ecosystem.

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Public Policy Agenda

RILA works with policymakers of both parties to help shape a dynamic and growing economy that allows retailers and communities they serve to thrive.

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Technology and Innovation Committees

RILA is focused on accelerating retail innovation and helping retailers navigate the industry’s transformation. Empowering executives with networks and access to research, insights, and collaboration.

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Upcoming Meetings

Digital Retail Council Meeting

  • Oct 18, 2023
  • New York, NY

Retail Supply Chain Conference 2024

  • Feb 25 - Feb 28, 2024
  • Dallas, TX

RILA's Retail Supply Chain Conference is the only event of its kind - gathering top executives from leading retailers to network and learn.

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Retail Works for All: 2023 Public Policy Priorities

Ensuring Safe and Affordable Products

RILA is working with lawmakers to help shape policies that protect our customers and meet expectations on demands to act on environmental concerns.

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Investing in People

Retail is for everyone; the place for a first job, 2nd chance, third act, or a side hustle – the retail workforce represents the American workforce.

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Supporting Free Markets and Free Trade

When policies are fair and allow retailers to compete, customers, communities, and workers all benefit.

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Strategic Initiatives that support performance, compliance and transform the industry

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