Organized Retail Crime, Counterfeits and Marketplaces

Organized Retail Crime, Counterfeits and Marketplaces

The sale of stolen and counterfeit goods on third party marketplaces is a multifaceted problem in need of a multifaceted solution. There is an undeniable connection between the growth of organized retail crime (ORC) and the ease with which criminals can sell stolen goods through online marketplaces.  The pandemic has exacerbated this problem as more consumers are buying more goods over the Internet fueling criminals to increase their criminal activity.

RILA formed the Buy Safe America Coalition (Coalition) to enjoin associations and companies in the fight against criminals using third party marketplaces to sell dangerous, defective, and stolen goods to unsuspecting consumers.  The Coalition has grown to encompass over 20 associations and over a dozen companies with interest increasing.

The Coalition’s mission is to raise awareness of organized retail crime on Capitol Hill and within the administration and to enact the Integrity, Notification, Fairness in Online Retail Marketplaces (INFORM) Act, which brings needed transparency and accountability to third party marketplaces and its sellers. The INFORM Act will provide law enforcement with information to help track down and prosecute these criminal enterprises and reduce the sale of stolen and counterfeit goods on third party marketplaces. It also stops criminals from brazenly stealing from storefronts keeping retail employees safe.  

Retail Leaders Urge Passage of Inform Consumers Act

CEOs Call on Congress to Address Surge of Retail Crime

CEOs of leading retailers expressed urgent concern over the growing impact of organized retail crime on retail employees and communities across the U.S.

CEOs Call on Congress to Address Surge of Retail Crime
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