Message from President

Message from President

The retail industry supports over 52 million hard working Americans, and our 2022 Retail Public Policy Agenda offers ideas and policy recommendations to defeat COVID-19, jumpstart economic growth, support our workforce, and protect the customers and communities we serve. 

Throughout 2021, RILA members were on the front lines addressing COVID-19, ensuring American families and communities had access to the goods and services they needed. In a year where families cooked, worked, educated, exercised, and entertained from home—retailers were essential—meeting every challenge, to ensure every community could count on us. RILA members and their employees showed the nation that, in a time of crisis, we could come together to help our neighbors, friends, and customers to overcome unprecedented challenges.

Retailers helped keep our economy moving, leading the development and implementation of robust safety protocols to ensure employees and customers could continue working and shopping in the safest environments possible. RILA partnered with city, state, and local officials to encourage all Americans to wear masks to protect one another, and we support the Biden administration’s call for a 100 day masking challenge.  And today, many of our members are proud to be partnering with the federal government and state officials to help provide vaccinations for millions of Americans including our most vulnerable citizens.

Our nation still faces significant challenges, and the success of the retail industry will be one of the strongest barometers for an economic comeback benefitting every community. Leading retailers stand ready to provide input, data and ideas about overcoming the problems we face. As Congress and the new administration come together to address COVID and the changing dynamics in the U.S. economy, RILA will work with both parties and advocate for an agenda that ensures retail works for every community—promoting economic growth, workforce development, sustainability, and equality.

2022 Public Policy Our Priorities

Ensuring a Safe, Sustainable Future

RILA is working with lawmakers to help shape policies that protect our customers and meet expectations regarding environmental concerns.

Supporting Free Markets and Fostering Innovation

When policies are fair and allow retailers to compete, customers, communities, and workers all benefit.

Building Communities

Given challenges across the industry, RILA pursues coordinated legislation, to ensure retailers can continue to enhance communities.

Leading in the Community

Retail is more than a store; we are an integral part of the fabric of our communities.

Investing in People

Retail is for everyone; the place for a first job, 2nd chance, third act, or a side hustle – the retail workforce represents the American workforce.

  • Retail Works for All of Us
  • Ensuring a Safe, Sustainable Future
  • Leading in the Community
  • Building Communities
  • Supporting Free Markets and Fostering Innovation
  • Investing in People

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