Store Walk Initiative

RILA, NDAA Drive Local Collaboration to Combat Retail Crime

Now in its second year, the Retail National Store Walk Initiative fosters connections between retailers and local prosecutors, allowing for the exchange of ideas to build a local approach to tackling organized retail crime and habitual theft in communities across the country.

By connecting in stores, retailers and prosecutors have the opportunity to exchange insights, foster understanding, and identify ways to work together on making communities safer. Retailers can share their approach to deterring crime in and around stores, their biggest challenges, and opportunities for collaboration. District attorneys’ offices can offer their expertise on the issue, share resources, and learn how their teams can be helpful. Ultimately, the Store Walk Initiative enables a unified, more effective response to organized retail crime. #RetailDAsTogether

Retailers and district attorneys’ offices interested in participating in the Store Walk Initiative can register via the button below.

Take a look back at our 2023 Store Walk Month

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With over 80 store walks between retailers and district attorneys on the record — and more still to come! — explore some of the photos, key takeaways, and testimonials on the initiative's impact below.

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“Since 2002 The Home Depot has welcomed elected officials and local law enforcement for store walks to showcase the work of our associates. As issues like organized retail crime continue to grow, we are proud to partner with RILA and other retailers during National Store Walk Month to meet with prosecutors in our local communities and build relationships that will directly support our efforts to keep our stores, customers, associates, and communities safe."

Scott Glenn, VP, Asset Protection|The Home Depot
The Store Walk Initiative is just one way in which retailers are tackling organized retail crime, habitual theft and violence in and around stores. For more information on how retailers are collaborating with stakeholders to keep communities safe and vibrant, and to discover ways to engage, explore our Vibrant Communities Initiative.

Vibrant Communities Initiative

Bringing together prosecutors and retailers is essential to combatting organized retail crime and keeping our communities safe.

RILA-NDAA Vibrant Communities Initiative

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