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RAP2023Retail Asset Protection Conference
Together, we’re shaping retail’s future.

Retailers are all competitors. But at the RILA Asset Protection conference, we’re on the same team: exploring, sharing, and learning to lift the entire industry. We’re a resilient bunch, willing to take on any challenge that enhances our stores and communities. Together, we’re shaping retail’s future.

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Our Focus

The Retail Industry Leaders Association is the US trade association for leading retailers. RILA partners with leading retailers to meet the challenges of a dynamic economy. Through collaboration and thought leadership, we advance ideas that foster free markets, competition, economic growth, and sustainability.

More About RILA

Legal Affairs and Compliance

RILA provides a network for leading retailers to share best practices and act on the most pressing legal issues of the day.

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Technology and Innovation

The retail innovation ecosystem, which includes RILA’s RTech community, works strategically together to address critical retail industry needs.

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Connect with leaders. Advance your career.

Retail Supply Chain Conference 2023

  • Feb 19 - Feb 22, 2023
  • Orlando, FL

Retail Asset Protection Conference 2023

  • Apr 30 - May 3, 2023
  • Denver, CO

Retail CEO Forum 2023

  • Jan 29 - Jan 31, 2023
  • Palm Beach, FL

We represent the leading brands in retail.

The Retail Industry Leaders Association (RILA) is the trade association for retail leaders.

Take it from our members

"Learning from each other has been one of our greatest strengths as an industry. We’re all competitors in one form or another, but it’s the moments of common purpose and collaboration that truly allow us to do great things as an industry."

Richard Johnson
  • Chair, RILA – Chairman, President & Chief Executive Officer
  • Foot Locker, Inc
  • New York, NY

Explore how our members are making an impact

Retailers Celebrate Black History and Black Excellence

The retail industry recognizes the importance of lifting Black voices and stories and welcome the opportunity that Black History Month brings to shine a light on some of those efforts.

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Retail Works for All of Us

Retail is more than a store. Public policies that support retail, support communities, jobs, and families.

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Earth Day Spotlight on New Retail Sustainability Efforts

Retailers announce deepened sustainability work in celebration of Earth Day 2022.

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Strategic Initiatives that support performance, compliance and transform the industry

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