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The Appellate Division helps to identify important litigation issues for the retail industry, as well as cases in which those issues may be effectively pursued. In addition, the Appellate Division may recommend counsel to write briefs for the RLC – currently, we file about 20 briefs per year totaling more than 200 to date. Every member of the RLC may participate in the Appellate Division. There will be additional opportunities for RLC members to work with the appellate specialists that we will be assembling to help the RLC as part of our strategic initiative. Members of the Appellate Division will be identified in RLC materials and on our website as important contributors to our efforts.


Appellate Division Cases

The RLC Appellate Division is the voice for leading retailers in the industry and files about 20 amicus briefs per year totaling more than 200 to date. Explore what cases the Appellate Division has participated in.

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