Regulatory Resources

Regulatory Resources

Compliance with environmental regulations is challenging for retail given the complexity of regulations, broad range of areas and operations that are covered, and variations in requirements by state and even local jurisdictions. The resources below provide an introduction to environmental regulations for retail as well as more detailed information on key regulations. An overview of regulations that apply in retail settings is organized by regulatory area (such as air, hazardous waste, and storage tanks) or by store department. Fact sheets provide a more in-depth look at selected regulations while the matrices track variations in requirements by state for selected regulations.

Regulatory Areas

Air Regulations

Air regulations that typically apply in retail such as refrigeration, boilers, asbestos, emergency generators, and fuel stations.

Hazardous Waste Regulations

Informs retailers on the proper management and disposal or recycling of hazardous and universal wastes.

Other Regulated Waste

Regulations that apply to non-hazardous solid waste found in retail including municipal solid waste, food, medical waste, electronic waste, and more.

Product Compliance and Toxins Regulations

Product-level environmental regulations such as FIFRA, TSCA, state chemical regulations and VOC standards.

Storage Tanks Regulations

Regulations for environmental management of above ground and underground storage tanks, primarily for petroleum storage including SPCC plans.

Water Regulations

Environmental regulations related to water including wastewater, drain disposal, FOG, stormwater and drinking water.

Hazardous Materials Transportation

Regulations covering the transportation of materials that are considered hazardous materials by DOT such as aerosols and cleaning products.

Store Departments

Appliances and Electronics

Regulations for this department include hazardous waste, e-waste, and refrigerants.

Consumer Products

Covers cleaning, chemical, and health & beauty products with considerations to hazardous waste, hazmat transportation, and environmental standards.

Gasoline and Fuel Dealers

Regulatory areas include USTs, air emissions, emergency planning, as well as spills and used oil.


Regulatory areas that apply to grocery retailers from food waste, air emissions, refrigeration, to hazardous and universal waste, and product sales.

Home Improvement

Environmental issues about home improvement products including hazardous waste, pesticides, and operational issues such as stormwater and home repair.


Primarily application of hazardous waste regulations to retail pharmacies.

Store Operations

Environmental issues related to all aspects of retail operations including maintenance, hazardous materials, boilers, pest management, HVAC and more.

Vehicles Sales, Maintenance and Products

Environmental regulations for retail sales of all types of vehicles, vehicle service and repair shops as well as related products such as batteries.

Pets and Pet Supplies

Waste management information related to retailers that sell pets and pet supplies, and offer grooming and veterinary services.

Fact Sheets

California Environmental Regulatory Structure Fact Sheet

An introduction to California regulatory agencies and environmental requirements that apply in retail including a discussion of enforcement trends.

Emergency Generator Fact Sheet

Detailed look at emergency generator air regulations including regulatory requirements and federal compliance options.

Federal Insecticide, Fungicide and Rodenticide Act

Details on how FIFRA applies to retail including the management, enforcement and disposal of pesticides.

Lithium Batteries Fact Sheet

FAQs on requirements for shipping lithium batteries.

Refrigerant Fact Sheet

Covers air regulations and management requirements that apply in retail covering refrigeration and A/C equipment, ammonia refrigeration systems.

Mandatory Recycling and Disposal Bans Fact Sheet

Details on California regulations that require organics recycling with information on similar requirements in other jurisdictions.

Mandatory Organics Recycling Regulations

Elements of the California Mandatory Organics Recycling Program (AB 1826) that apply to retailers and trends in organics recycling across the U.S.

Chemicals in Consumer Products

Detailed overview of states regulating chemicals such as banning or restricting chemicals or enacting mandatory reporting/notification requirements.

State Matrices

Emergency Generator Permitting Matrix

State by state permitting options and exemptions for emergency generators including general permits, permit by rule, construction operation permits.

Consumer Bag Legislation Summary Matrix

Summary of consumer bag legislation by state and local jurisdictions, including bans, taxes and requirements for both paper and plastic bags.

Spill Reporting Matrix

Summary of state requirements for reporting spills of oil or hazardous substances including reporting quantity and contact information.

Product Stewardship Matrix

State EPR or product stewardship legislation that have requirements for products such as carpet, batteries, and more. Also includes product bans.

eWaste Matrix

Overview of state legislation with requirements for retailers on managing waste electronic products or ewaste.

Haz Waste Generator Improvement Rule Matrix

Detailed matrix that tracks the state implementation of the Hazardous Waste Generator Improvement Rule.

Hazardous Waste Variations by State Matrix

State variations in haz waste regulations under RCRA for key areas including haz waste characteristics, generator categories, and universal waste.

Pharm Rule State Implementation Matrix

Compliance matrix that tracks pharmaceutical waste legislation across the United States.

Variations In Hazardous Waste Generator Reporting

Overview of variations in hazardous waste reporting by state for routine periodic reporting and requirements for submission of manifests.

Aerosols As Universal Waste Rule Tracking Matrix

Matrix tracking the implementation of states listing aerosol cans as universal waste and the effective date.

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