Crimes Against Business Committee

Crimes Against Business Committee


The Crimes Against Business Committee is a group of leading retail industry partners that convene to strategize on ways to combat the various criminal activities facing the industry.  

This committee serves as a forum for networking, benchmarking and ideas-sharing on pressing challenges throughout the year. Efforts to fight organized retail crime (ORC), working with online marketplace platforms to address criminal activity, and mitigating gift card fraud are just some of the key topics this group addresses.  Working together and sharing knowledge across the retail industry is essential to be better prepared and more effective in preventing crime and loss. 

The Committee’s top 3 focus areas for 2019 include: 

  • Leading practices for deterring, investigating, prosecuting organized retail crime.                                       
  • Impact of decriminalization of shoplifting and response strategies  
  • Emerging theft and fraud schemes 

As a member of RILA, if you or a member of your AP/LP team is interested in participating on the CAB Committee, please contact Lisa LaBruno at

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