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The hallmarks of the successful retail industry — hundreds of millions of consumers and employees —make the industry an irresistible target of the well-organizes plaintiffs' bar, which gins up lucrative mass action litigation targeting retailers. Retailers spend large sums of money each year fighting meritless lawsuits. And retail corporate counsel expend valuable time and resources responding to the steady drumbeat of demand letters and complaints.

The RLC Defense Division is a new initiative that aims to help retail corporate counsel defend their companies from mass action litigation at the front end — before the litigation becomes an expensive "wave" that only benefits plaintiffs’ counsel. The Defense Division is not focused on tort reform or convincing policy makers to change the litigation landscape; rather, we are dedicated to helping our members learn from each other and select outside counsel.


Partnering with Cozen O'Connor and McGuireWoods, the RLC Defense Division is developing unique new tools to help retailers "see around the corner." These tools will help retailers find out where the plaintiffs' bar intends to strike and provide practical solutions before they do.


The RLC hosts in-person meetings twice each year to allow retail and law firm members to share insights, learn from one another, and prepare for common attacks.


The RLC offers “Boot Camps” for those complex litigation topics affecting our retail members that require a “deeper dive” than a “small call” can afford. Boot Camps include more attendees (typically 10-12) and have a wider scope than “small calls.”


The RLC develops concise alerts tailored to busy retail corporate counsel to give them the litigation highlights they need, as well as practical tips.

Small Calls

The RLC offers exclusive, limited-seating "small calls" for retail corporate counsel to discuss specific litigation issues, such as arbitration or website litigation. The RLC provides written practical "take aways" after the calls so that all RLC retail members will benefit, even if they weren't able to participate in the call personally.

Helping retail corporate counsel defend their companies

"The Retail Litigation Center's Defense Division is dedicated to helping retail corporate counsel work together and with carefully curate outside counsel to proactively identify and quickly address meritless mass action lawsuits. Amy Turk (McGuireWoods), Meredith Slawe (Cozen O'Connor) and their teams were selected after an extensive vetting process, not only for their litigation prowess, but for their deep understanding of the industry, their practical approach, and their commitment to the Defense Division's success. I encourage all major retailers to join the Retail Litigation Center to take advantage of the resources we are developing to help strengthen the industry."

Rhonda Taylor
  • Chair, RLC – Executive Vice President, General Counsel
  • Dollar General Corporation

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