Hazardous Waste Variations by State

Complying with the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act's (RCRA) hazardous waste requirements requires retailers to understand the federal requirements as well as the variations in state requirements. The compliance matrix provides an overview of key hazardous waste regulatory variations to help retailers identify certain state requirements and how they differ from the federal requirements.

EPA Universal Waste State-Specific Information     

The overview provided in this table is for informational purposes only. Because of the summary nature of the table, it cannot capture all the nuances of the relevant regulations. It may therefore be important to consult the regulations directly and/or to seek legal advice on particular issues as they may arise.


Click for a map outlining state variations from the federal RCRA rules



  • Gray: Not authorized for RCRA. Federal rules apply
  • Blue: Same as federal rules
  • Orange: Minor variation from federal rules
  • Green: Considerable additional requirements
Click for a map outlining variations in the definitions of hazardous waste characteristics



  • GreenCharacteristics are identical to federal rules or contain only minor modifications
  • Blue: State has additional characteristics


Date Matrix Updated June 2017

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