Variations In Hazardous Waste Generator Reporting

Updated: January 1, 2020

The overview provided in this table is for informational purposes only.  Because of the summary nature of the table, it cannot capture all the nuances of the relevant regulations.  It may therefore be important to consult state, county, or local regulations directly and/or to seek legal advice on particular issues as they may arise.  The table addresses only routine periodic reporting and the potential need to submit copies of manifests to regulatory authorities.  Other potentially applicable reporting requirements (e.g., spill reporting or "exception reporting" for manifests not received in a timely fashion from the designated treatment, storage, or disposal facility) are not covered. 

Routine Manifest Submission means submission to the state of every hazardous waste manifest for every off-site shipment.  Routine manifest submission is required in some states, and these variations are covered by this table.  This table does not include requirements related to submission of manifest exception reports which are required in every state.  

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