Mandatory Recycling and Disposal Bans Fact Sheet

Updated: July 2023

Some states and municipalities have enacted legislation mandating the recycling of certain commercially generated items and/or banning the disposal of certain items in landfills or waste to energy facilities. This is an effort to drive a higher recycling rate, increase the capture of recyclable materials, and promote the development of markets for recyclable materials. Mandated commercial recycling legislation can take different forms, for example:
  1. Require generators to recycle;
  2. Require haulers to provide recycling services; or
  3. Require local governments to implement recycling programs​.
This fact sheet is designed to serve as a starting point and quick reference tool for retailers. The information contained in the summary tables below provides an overview of state-level recycling regulations with links to external sources for additional information. This fact sheet focuses on waste streams most relevant to retail store operations and distribution centers and includes information on commonly recycled materials such as paper, plastic, metal and glass.


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