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Past Newsletters

Comments on FTC Recyclability Claims + EPA Plastic Pollution Strategy; New Renewable Fuel Standards; State PFAS Measures; & more

Estee Lauder launches responsible store design program, Starbucks to open sustainability learning and innovation lab in Costa Rica, DOE funding for battery recycling, State waste activity and PFAS measures, EPA renewable fuel standards, Estimating US light-duty demand for EV charging infrastructure, SUPERSAFE Act

  • 7/12/2023

Circular Bag Solutions, EPA Wetlands Jurisdiction, Better Buildings Funding and Incentives Hub, & more

Returnable Retail Bag Trial Launches at CVS Health, Target Stores; RILA Communities Convene at Circularity23; SCOTUS Narrows Which Wetlands are Under Federal Jurisdiction; Better Buildings Funding and Incentives Hub; Class Action Dismissed in Retail Greenwashing Suit; LGBTQI+ Pride Month; Plastic Bills Introduced in New York and Wisconsin

  • 6/13/2023

Draft Strategy to Prevent Plastic Pollution, GHG Reduction Fund Framework, & more!

Lululemon Launches its First Products with Nylon from Plants Instead of Fossil Fuels, Walmart Announces Plan to Expand Electric Vehicle Charging Network, RILA Webinar: Packaging EPR State of Play and What’s to Come in 2023, Senate EPW Committee Advances Legislation to Strengthen Recycling and Composting Efforts, Washington Seeks Comment on Recycled Content Rule for Plastic Packaging, and more.

  • 5/9/2023

New LDPE Film Resource, Proposed Drinking Water Standards for PFAS, & more!

REI and Stop &Shop Celebrate Earth Day, Sustainable Packaging Webinar, RILA Meeting at Circularity, Proposed Drinking Water Standards for PFAS, State Waste Developments, State ESG Legislative Roundup, Safer Choice Partner of the Year Call for Submissions, New IRA Resources, Renewable Energy markets 2023 Call for Speakers, and more.

  • 4/11/2023

Circularity 23; State Legislation on Waste, PFAS, and ESG; EPA HFC Refrigerant Import Enforcement

Athleta and ThredUp to Launch “PreLoved” Shopping Pilot; Canadian Tire's Post-Consumer Recycled Laundry Hamper; Sustainable Packaging Webinars; State Legislative Updates on Waste, ESG, and PFAS; RILA Comments in on IRA Home Efficiency Rebate Programs; EPA Enforcement Actions Around HFC Refrigerant Imports; and more

  • 3/14/2023

Scope 1 & 2 GHG Emissions Tracking Webinar; State Action on Packaging EPR, Solar, Plastics, and PFAS

Target Debuts New Store Format; Publix Honored with 2022 Distinguished Philanthropist Award; Scope 1 & 2 GHG Emissions Tracking and Data Collection Webinar; State Packaging EPR; Feedback on FTC Green Guides, ESG Decision-Making; Black Environmentalists and Authors; and more.

  • 2/14/2023

New Chemicals in Products Fact Sheet, Share Input on Green Guides, Decarbonizing Supply Chains

Levi's Teams Up with Walmart, Schneider Electric, and Others to Invest in Wind Energy; BlocPower’s Donnel Baird: TIME’s Dreamer of the Year, 2022; New RCC Fact Sheet: Chemical Regulatory Implications for Consumer Products; EPA HFC Technology Transition Rulemaking; White House Releases Blueprint to Decarbonize America’s Transportation Sector: RILA Engagement; RILA Blog: IRA Building Energy Efficiency Incentives for the Retail Industry; Michigan Enacts Major Waste and Recycling Bill Package; and more

  • 1/17/2023

Proposed Language for HFC Technology Transition Rule, Breakthrough on Clean Energy, Sustainable Packaging Clearinghouse, & more!

Dick’s Sporting Goods' Resale Programs, The Home Depot: EPA WaterSense and Safer Choice 2022 Partner of the Year, Sustainable Packaging Clearinghouse, Target Becomes Lead Funder of Aii’s Fashion Climate Fund, Nuclear Fusion Breakthrough, EPA Publishes Rule to Drive Technology Transition to Lower GWP Refrigerants

  • 12/15/2022

America Recycles Day, RILA Members Fighting Food Waste, EPA and DOE Circular Economy Resources, & More!

IKEA Cuts Food Waste, Lawmakers Ask EPA to Standardize Recycling Bin Labels, New EPA and DOE Circular Economy Resources, New DOJ Guidance on Corporate Compliance, IRA Use Case Workshops, Federal Solar Tax Credits for Businesses, Green Lease Leaders Program Applications, Beyond PFAs-Free Packaging Webinar

  • 11/16/2022

Clean Water Act Turns 50, Sackett v. EPA, IRA Energy Incentives, and More

Meijer Deploys Robots to Clean Up Great Lakes; Our Land: A Video on Eagle Harbor, MD; 2022 Retailer Environmental Roundtable Recap; Clean Water Act Turns 50 as the SCOTUS Considers the Act’s Jurisdiction; Inflation Reduction Act Implements New Energy Incentives; U.S. Ratifies Kigali Amendment; and more.

  • 10/11/2022

Crossroads in the Classroom: Back to School Sustainability

Crayola's Creative Solutions for Greener Tomorrows, RILA Members Work to Make Jeans Sustainably, Inflation Reduction Act, EPA Safer Chemicals List, Zero Waste Stores, Massachusetts Climate & Energy Bill, California Battery Take Back, California Gas-Powered Car Phase Out, California PFAS Ban, and more

  • 9/8/2022

Crossroads on the Coast: Ocean Conservation and More

Sustainable Packaging Clearinghouse, Wegmans Phasing Out Plastic Bags, Walmart Sustainable Packaging, EPA's Trash Free Waters, Comment on EPA SWIFR Grant Implementation, and River Cleanup Methods, ESG Library and Reports, Inflation Reduction Act, West Virginia v. EPA and TSCA, and more

  • 8/9/2022

Summer Road Trip: Sustainability and Compliance Cross-Country

RILA Comments on SEC Proposed Climate Disclosure Rule, West Virginia v. EPA Takeaways, Meijer and Kroger EV Charging Stations, Slow Tourism, Podcasts, Convenience Stores Sales Spike, Book Recommendations, NH Advanced Recycling, Emissions Target Tracker, ME PFAS-related Product Regulations, Electric Vehicle Consumer Behavior Report, and more

  • 7/12/2022

ENERGY STAR + Better Buildings Awards, Extended Producer Responsibility

ENERGY STAR Partner of the Year Awards, Better Buildings Initiative Recognizes 3M and Schneider Electric, Extended Producer Responsibility for Retail, NOAA Information for Climate Resilience, NJ and CO Single-Use Plastic Packaging Reduction, DOE Lightbulb Efficiency Standards, CO PFAS Ban, and more

  • 6/14/2022

Lookback at Earth Day 2022, EV Funding Opportunities, Proposed Asbestos Use Ban

Albertsons and Starbucks Honored by EPA, 7-Eleven Diverts Plastic Waste from Oceans, U.S. GHG Inventory, EPR Excluded in NY Budget, VA Recycled Content, Reusable Packaging Guide, LEED Certification in Retail, $5.5 Million FTC Settlements, California Truck and Bus Regulation, Retailers Aid Energy Suppliers, Verizon VPPA's

  • 5/10/2022

Retail Waste Targets Tracker, Washington Waste Reduction Legislation, Better Plants Summit

Best Buy reduces climate impact of electronics, T Mobile and Staples win Gold in Sustainable Materials Management Electronics Challenge, Retail Waste Targets Tracker, REI and RILA Highlight Waste Reduction Efforts, Better Buildings Better Plants Summit, Washington organic waste disposal law

  • 4/12/2022

Newsletter Rebrand, Advance Auto Parts & Meijer Spotlight, Retail GHG Targets

Newsletter rebrand, Advance Auto battery validation; Meijer carbon emission reduction goal; Retail GHG Targets Tracker; RILA Climate Webinar; Refrigerant Management blog; California waste bills; DOE Better Climate Challenge; Keurig Settlement; UL TSCA webinar

  • 3/8/2022

Retail Climate Action Blueprint + EPA Recognizes Members for Innovations in Waste Reduction

3M joins new global alliance to advance renewable energy; Retail GHG emissions factors, data & methodology; Environmental Justice podcast with ELI & EPA; California organics recycling; Landlord collaboration; EPA civil monetary penalty adjustment; Washington plastic producer registration; & more

  • 2/10/2022

Climate Change and Your Supply Chain Webinar, PIP (3:1) Proposed Deadline Extension, & More!

Top Retail Trends in 2022, PIP (3:1) Proposed Deadline Extension, Packaging EPR State Passage, Climate Change and Your Supply Chain Webinar, Renewable and Resilient Energy in Commercial Buildings Webinar, Chemicals in 2022 Webinar, Aerosol Hair Product Recalls

  • 1/11/2022

Top Webinars and RCC Resources of 2021

Environmental Compliance Trends in 2022, Proposed lightbulb efficiency rule, Target Open House, EPA fines retailer for unsubstantiated COVID-19 claims, EPA National Recycling Strategy

  • 12/14/2021

RCC LinkedIn, National Zero Waste Conference, Hazardous Waste Variations by State, & More!

Webinars from EPA, Canada Plastics Pact, and Better Buildings; National Zero Waste Conference; Hazardous Waste Variations by State Matrix; Lithium Batteries Fact Sheet; RCC LinkedIn; EPA proposes regulating 'forever chemicals' under hazardous waste law; APR Announces New Design Guidance for PE Film Packaging

  • 11/9/2021

RILA Advocacy, State and Federal HFCs Regulations, California Organic Waste, & More!

RILA Advocacy: Bridging the Disconnect Between U.S. EPA Regulations and Retail Supply Chain Realities, Planning for the Future: New and Improved Pandemic Protocols, State and Federal Regulation of Hydrofluorocarbons, Retail Emissions Factors, Data, & Methodology, California law bans use of recycle logo on non-recyclable packages

  • 10/12/2021

Hazardous Waste Program Webinar, FIFRA Blog, & More!

Environmental Social Governance, Retail Hazardous Waste Program Success for 2022, Quick Facts on FIFRA for Retailers, Aerosols as Universal Waste Rule Tracking Matrix, U.S. EPA Penalizes Four California Facilities More Than $800,000 for Clean Air Act Chemical Safety Violations, New York Bans Sale of Gasoline-Powered Cars Starting in 2035

  • 9/14/2021

EPR Packaging Legislation, Advanced Recycling Webinar, & More!

Product Sustainability & Compliance— Bridging the Gap with Software and Advisory, Advanced Recycling: Limitations and Potential Solutions Webinar, Packaging EPR- State Passage and What's Next, Retail GHG Emissions Factors, Data & Methodology, Beverage Container Deposit Legislation, Single-Use Plastic Packaging Reduction Laws

  • 8/10/2021

Advanced Recycling Webinar, Environmental Justice, Packaging Sustainability, & More!

Maine lawmakers approve first-in-nation packaging EPR bill, Environmental Justice and Retail Blog, Packaging Sustainability: Retail State of Play Blog, FIFRA Fact Sheet Update, TSCA PIP (3:1) Rule: What Retailers Should Know Blog, Advanced Recycling: Limitations and Potential Solutions Webinar, Transportation + Sustainability Webinar Series

  • 7/13/2021

Organics Regulations, Q&A with TRP and REBA, TSCA Webinar, & More!

California Organics Recycling Regulations Fact Sheet, Complying with Organics Recycling Regulations with a Compost Pickup Service, The Recycling Partnership Launches Initiative with Facebook, Commercial Real Estate Principles – Leveraging Sustainable Energy Solutions, TSCA: It Is Not What You May Think Webinar

  • 6/8/2021

Refrigerant Regulations, Lithium-Ion Batteries, ENERGY STAR & More!

Test Your Knowledge of Refrigerant Regulations, EPA Proposed Rule on HFC Refrigerants, Items That No Longer Spark Joy May Spark Fires Instead, TSCA: It Is Not What You May Think Webinar, ENERGY STAR Products Scope 3 Calculator Webinar, Transportation + Sustainability Webinar Series, California 2022 Building Energy Efficiency Standards, Plastic IQ Information Sessions

  • 5/11/2021

Environmental Justice, EPR and OSHA Top Ten Violations

Strategic Partner highlight, Extended Producer EPR Bills Gain Momentum, Managing Chemicals in Consumer Products, Environmental Justice: An Intro for Retail, Implementation of Reusable Packaging Models: Lessons Learned from the Field, Aerosols as Universal Waste, Upstream Innovation -Packaging Solutions Webinar Recording, Sustainable Packaging Coalition Food Waste Repackaged

  • 4/13/2021

Environmental Fund Misspending by California District Attorney Association

Retail Overview and Status of EPA Pharmaceutical Waste Rule State Adoption, TITLE 20: Energy Efficiency Regulations in California - What Retailers Should Know, Refrigerant Regulations: Update on State and Federal Rules, UPDATED TODAY: EPR Packaging Bills Introduced to States

  • 3/9/2021

Energy Resources + Overview of New State EPR Packaging Bills

Refrigerant Regulations Webinar Registration, EPR Packaging Bills Introduced to States, Energy Efficiency in Buildings - Fact Sheets, IMT Commercial Building Documents, Green Lease Leaders Application Open, Beveridge & Diamond P.C. Biden Administration Resources

  • 2/9/2021

Changes to the RCC + Best 2020 Resources

Changes to the RCC, RCC's Best of 2020 Content, Upcoming Webinars, Chapter 2 of RILA Waste Report

  • 1/12/2021

$3M Environmental Settlement + Chemical Regulation Resources

Engaging Suppliers in Renewable Energy Sourcing Webinar Registration, Aerosol as Universal Waste Tracking Matrix Updates, Waste Report Ch.1, UL Spotlight, Beyond the Bag Initiative Update

  • 12/8/2020

Supply Chain Renewables Webinar + Energy Standards & Codes Fact Sheets

RILA Retail Advisor for Energy Management, Engaging Suppliers on Renewable Energy Sourcing Webinar, Energy Efficiency in Buildings- Standards and Codes for Retail, Renewable Energy FAQs, Onsite Renewable Energy: Opportunity and Recent Trends Guest Blog from Schneider Electric

  • 11/17/2020

$1.49M EPA Settlement + Report on Retail Waste Trends

Waste Report Ch.1, Engaging Suppliers on Renewable Energy Sourcing, Consumer Bag Legislation Matrix Updates, HFCs Regulations: Where States Stand

  • 11/10/2020

$1.4M EPA Settlement + Upcoming Compliance Webinars

A Global Look at Plastic Waste Webinar Registration; Zoom In, Zoom Out on Compliance Webinar Registration; Retailers Join the Beyond the Bag Initiative; Aerosols as Universal Waste Rule Tracking Matrix, Consumer Bag Legislation Matrix

  • 10/13/2020

Upcoming Webinars + New Retail Advisor Questions

Upcoming Webinars Managing Chemicals in Products Blog Post Updated Aerosol Can Rule Matrix

  • 9/8/2020

Upcoming Webinar + Updated COVID Resources

Upcoming Webinar Registration Petco Shares Insight on Compliance During COVID-19 Latest Trends in the State Adoption fo the EPA Aerosol Can Rule COVID-19 Resources

  • 8/11/2020

An End to Enforcement Discretion + Upcoming Webinars

Upcoming Webinars Updates to COVID Resources

  • 7/14/2020

Upcoming Webinars + Latest RCC COVID-19 Updates

Upcoming Webinars, COVID-19 Resources, Retail News

  • 6/9/2020

Energy Management Resources for Retail

RILA Retail Advisor for Energy Management + Related Tools, COVID-19 Energy Management Resources, Other Resources

  • 5/26/2020

Upcoming Webinar + New and Updated COVID Resources

Upcoming RCC Webinar New COVID-19 Resource Updated RCC COVID-19 Materials

  • 5/12/2020

New and Updated COVID resources: Compliance, Medical Waste and More

New COVID-19 Resources Updated RCC COVID-19 Materials Webinar Registration

  • 4/28/2020

Retail Compliance Centers New Website + Upcoming Webinars

Introducing the New RCC Website COVID-19: New Policies to Environmental Regulations Affecting Retailers Webinars and Recordings

  • 4/15/2020

Record $3.6M Recycling Fine + End of Year Survey

- RCC End of Year Survey - Consumer Bag FAQ Blog Post - Pharm Rule Matrix Updates - Retail Advisor for Environmental Compliance Registration

  • 12/17/2019

$2.35M Auto Repair Shop Hazardous Waste Suit + CA Right to Know Act Deadlines

- Automotive Repair Shop Will Pay $2.35M Settlement Over Hazardous Waste Found in Trash - Deadlines for CA Right to Know Act Quickly Approaching - Updates to the Pharm Rule and Consumer Bag Legislation Matrices - Holiday Food Waste Blog Post - Introducing the RCC's Newest Member

  • 11/13/2019

$3.7M Hazardous Waste Suit + New Pharm Rule Tracking Tools

- RCC's New Pharm Rule State Adoption Tracking Tools - Updates to RCC Matrices - CA Environmental Regulatory Structure Blog Post

  • 10/9/2019

$4.2M Refrigerant Emission Violation + New CA Environmental Compliance Fact Sheet

- Retailer Agrees to $4.2 Million Settlement for Refrigerant Emission Violations - Environmental Compliance in California Fact Sheet - Environmental Compliance in California Webinar Recording

  • 9/11/2019

Where Will the Pharm Rule Be in Effect on August 21st?

- Where will the Pharm Rule be in effect on August 21st? - New Webinar- Environmental Compliance in California - Intermediate Consumer Bag Legislation Summary

  • 8/14/2019

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