Consumer Bag Legislation Summary Matrix

Updated: November 2020

This compliance matrix provides an overview of enacted consumer bag legislation across the United States by state and/or municipality, as applicable, for both paper and plastic bags. This also includes information on jurisdictions where a "ban on bag bans" preventing bag restrictions is currently in place.

Unless otherwise noted, all ordinances and regulations have been directly verified with the applicable regulatory authority. Cities marked with an asterisk have an ordinance in place that regulates the use of consumer bags, but we were unable to confirm directly with a regulatory official that the regulation is in effect. If a state is not listed, no bag legislation has been enacted in that jurisdiction.

Note that California has allowed preempton of the state legislation for counties, cities and municipalities that had enacted local laws prior to September 1, 2014. Included in the preempted legislation were county-wide ordinances that applied to all towns residing within it. To avoid redundancy, cities and municipalities residing within these counties have not been included. This includes cities and municipalities within Alameda County, Napa County, San Mateo County, and Sonoma County.    

This overview does not include information on proposed bag legislation and ordinances. If you are interested in tracking consumer bag legislative proposals please consider signing up for RCC Alerts.

The overview provided in this table is for informational purposes only. Because of the summary nature of the table, it cannot capture all the nuances of the relevant regulations. It may therefore be important to consult the regulations directly and/or to seek legal advice on particular issues as they may arise. While we have tried to be as comprehensive as possible, because of the large number of local jurisdictions, some have been omitted due to their relative size.



  • Gray: No legislation at any level within the state
  • Orange: State ban on local bag legislation
  • Blue: Some cities and/or counties within the state have legislation
  • Green: Statewide and local legislation
  • Retail Sustainability
  • Solid Waste

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