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Supply Chain is a critical component of successful omnichannel retail, and over the past decades it has evolved into a primary customer touchpoint and key source of competitive advantage. 

RILA’s Supply Chain Leaders Council is composed of the senior-most supply chain leaders from the country’s leading retailers—the executives who oversee supply chain planning/strategy, transportation/logistics, distribution, fulfillment, inventory, sourcing, returns, trade/customs, and more.  These leaders are envisioning the supply chains of tomorrow, even as they’re benchmarking on the common challenges of today.   

This group gathers regularly to network, explore and critique the business implications of a wide spectrum of supply chain issues and to provide RILA with strategic direction in this area.  Contact  

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Upcoming Events

Supply Chain Leaders Council Meeting

  • Aug 17, 2021
  • Orlando, FL August 17, 2021.

RILA Round Table: Leading Practices for Chassis Strategy

  • Aug 11, 2021
  • Digital Round Table

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