International Trade

International Trade

Harmful trade policies have cost American businesses and consumers tens of billions of dollars over the past four years. As the largest U.S. importers, retailers remain concerned about the impact tariffs will have on consumer prices and American family budgets. The washing machines, 232 steel and aluminum, and China 301 tariffs have created uncertainty for trade flows and have the potential to substantially increase the cost of sourcing products from abroad, adding millions in operational costs, halting future business investments, and ultimately increasing costs to consumers.  

RILA is an executive member of the coalition Americans for Free Trade (AFT) and directly coordinates with interests across the economy to highlight the negative impact tariffs have not only to the broader economy, but to the American consumer. RILA advocates for a bold trade agenda that creates new opportunities for open markets and lowers trade barriers while facilitating the efficient movement of goods and services across our borders and through America’s ports. 

The pandemic has accelerated the debate on Capitol Hill about building more diverse supply chains that are less reliant on China and increasing production of critical goods here at home. Working with leading retailers and like-minded industry partners, RILA educates policymakers and the public about the complexities of global supply chains and their importance to U.S. businesses, the U.S. economy, American jobs, and to pandemic preparedness and response. 

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