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Today, empowered customers not only can reach their favorite retailers in physical stores, but they can also connect through websites, apps and through search and other social media platforms. With competition a mere click or voice command away, retailers are challenged like never before to build and deepen trust in customer relationships in order retain their loyalty, and strive to do so by meeting their privacy expectations. 

Committee Description 

Chief privacy officers and general counsel executives address privacy issues affecting the retail industry, such as CCPA and GDPR implementation, facial recognition and other emerging technologies, trans-Atlantics data flows and comprehensive privacy legislation. In addition to policymaking, RILA’s focus is in facilitating discussions of best practices among peers utilizing meetings, surveys, and where appropriate, creating consensus documents for both internal and external use. Contact    

Privacy executives engaged with RILA will benefit from:  

  • Building relationships with other leaders in the industry; 
  • Forums where members learn from experts and can discuss operational practices and concerns, and pragmatic solutions to challenges; 
  • The opportunity to identify the challenges posed by legislation and regulation, and to integrate these realities with public policy to affect change. 

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