Intense competition is the hallmark of America’s retail industry, driving innovation and bringing consumers lower prices and great products and services. Unfortunately, the absence of competition elsewhere in the retail ecosystem stifles the benefits that naturally result from competition.

Regulators and lawmakers are continuing their investigations into how large technology firms use their power to stifle competition and harm consumers. These ongoing investigations present an opportunity to shine a light on harmful practices employed by tech platforms, such as Amazon, Meta, and Google. Consequently, RILA is engaging with regulators and policymakers to identify the anticompetitive practices that harm consumers and is also contributing constructively to the development of potential solutions.  

RILA believes that strong competition in industries connected to retail will benefit consumers and allow retailers to thrive. As such, RILA is encouraging policymakers to take four primary courses of action: closely examine technology platforms’ anti-competitive behavior; scrutinize information infrastructure firms; carefully consider anticompetitive data use; and review competitor cooperation that is no longer technologically necessary—particularly in the area of credit interchange.  

RILA urges policymakers to scrutinize these areas closely and take action to strengthen a healthy and competitive marketplace.

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