Merchants in the United States pay some of the highest interchange rates or “swipe fees” in the world, costing merchants more than $80 billion each year. The global card companies, along with major issuers, establish these rates in an anticompetitive manner. While past regulatory reforms achieved by RILA have resulted in meaningful improvements, more is needed to reign in numerous anticompetitive practices. 
In partnership with the Retail Litigation Center, RILA is pursuing legislative and legal remedies. RILA is currently working with key regulators to encourage action that will enable retailers’ right to route online debit transactions over networks other than Visa and MasterCard signature networks. This will bring meaningful competition to online debit routing and save merchants hundreds of millions of dollars. The lack of routing options in the ecommerce environment has only been compounded during the pandemic, with American significantly altering their shopping behaviors. The Retail Litigation Center is looking at potential litigation routes to achieve compliance with the law. 
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