The Retail Compliance Center Launches a New Website

It’s Here! The Retail Compliance Center (RCC) has a newly renovated website. We have made it easier for retailers to dive into compliance resources and have added new content, focus areas, and insights. The new website has resources for professionals in retail compliance as well as sustainability and energy management.

Are you new to retail or new to environmental compliance?

Many federal, state and even local environmental regulations can apply in a retail setting including stores, distribution centers and transportation. These regulations can range from hazardous waste to drinking water to product stewardship. The RCC’s introductory material provides an overview of the regulatory areas that are likely to apply in retail or the specific issues by department. The pages below are a good place to start.

Training Pages: The RCC offers a variety of trainings, regional workshops, eLearnings and network events providing retail compliance professionals an understanding of environmental compliance topics through hands-on exercises and peer discussion.  Regulatory Area Pages: Provide an overview of regulations that apply in retail settings organized by regulatory area, (such as air, hazardous waste, and storage tanks). Store Department Pages: Provide an overview of regulations that apply in retail settings organized by store department, (such as appliances and electronics, consumer products, and grocery).

Already a compliance expert?

The RCC has detailed resources on specific regulations with retail-focused compliance information, as well as tables with variations of key elements by state. The pages below provide in-depth resources on retail-relevant environmental regulations.

Fact Sheets: Provide a more in-depth look at selected regulations. State Matrices: Track variations in requirements by state for selected regulations.

Are you a sustainability or energy management professional?

The RCC’s resources in environmental sustainability focus on issues primarily related to retail facilities and operations, such as air, water, waste and energy. The RCC also has tools and resources to help retail energy managers optimize their programs to reach their goals. 

Looking to optimize and accelerate your retail program?

Visit our Retail Advisor pages on Energy Management or Environmental Compliance. The RILA Retail Advisor is a free analytical program that provides evaluation, customized guidance, peer benchmarking and goal setting for retail programs.
Are we missing a resource or an update? Reach out to us to let us know!

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