Retail Sustainability

Sustainability in retail is an issue area that can encompass many issues, from environmental impacts such as greenhouse gas emissions and hazardous waste to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) more broadly, which includes areas such as responsible sourcing and diversity and inclusion. The RCC’s resources in this area focus on environmental sustainability issues primarily related to retail facilities and operations, such as air, water, waste and energy.

Sustainability Resources

Sustainability Management Tools

Sustainability Resource Library

Resource library providing specific tools, case studies, and opportunities to help progress the maturity of retail sustainability programs.

Retail Sustainability Leadership Model

Tool for retail sustainability executives to identify the management practices that will drive improved corporate and environmental performance.

Sustainability Management Resources

Capitalize Green

RILA has developed a toolbox of resources to help retail finance teams understand the opportunities presented by sustainability.

Landlord Collaboration

Through the Landlord-Tenant Energy Partnership, RILA works with ICSC, IMT and PRSM to reduce leasing barriers for energy projects and reduce costs.

Chemicals and Toxics in Retail and its Supply Chain

Considerations and resources for retailers regarding chemicals and toxics.

The Value of Sustainability in Retail Merchandising

Identifies the role and value sustainability can play in retail merchandising.

What Materiality and Risk Identification Offer for Retail

Resources and considerations for retailers conducting materiality assessments.

Sustainability Committee

Retail sustainability/CSR executives meet twice per year, plus monthly via conference call, to share leading practices and network.

Building Energy Codes - Ashrae V. IECC

A quick reference tool for retailers on the two major energy code models in the U.S.

DOE Appliance and Equipment Standards

Quick reference tool for retailers on DOE Appliance and Equipment Standards

Lightbulb Efficiency Standards

A quick reference tool for retailers on U.S. lightbulb efficiency standards.

State Energy Efficiency & Building Natural Gas Laws/Codes

A quick reference tool for retailers on the energy efficiency laws and codes in the U.S.

Sustainability Recognition Opportunities

Matrix summarizing recognition opportunities in areas available through third parties to showcase retail sustainability leadership.

Detailed Regulatory Resources

Consumer Bag Legislation Summary Matrix

Summary of consumer bag legislation by state and local jurisdictions, including bans, taxes and requirements for both paper and plastic bags.

Consumer Bag FAQ

The rapid increase in consumer bag legislation has led to varying requirements and specifications across the country

Mandatory Recycling and Disposal Bans Fact Sheet

Details on California regulations that require organics recycling with information on similar requirements in other jurisdictions.

Product Stewardship Matrix

State EPR or product stewardship legislation that have requirements for products such as carpet, batteries, and more. Also includes product bans.

EPR Packaging Bills Introduced to States

An overview of recently introduced state EPR packaging legislation.

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