RILA Retail Advisor for Environmental Compliance


The RILA Retail Advisor for Environmental Compliance helps retailers optimize their retail environmental compliance programs to reduce risk, enhance management, and find insights to improve performance. Retailers can use the customized guidance and benchmarking to cost-effectively improve compliance and environmental performance.

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Compliance Leadership Model

Model of a retail compliance program that lays out the elements of an effective program, with variations based on the specific needs of the organization.

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The Advisor does not document inadequate compliance programs. The Advisor questionnaire assumes that companies have at least an Essential Level program. If you are unsure if your program is at the Essential Level, download the RCC Essential Level Summary to evaluate your programs and identify any gaps. Only programmatic information is collected--no information on specific performance such as audit results, violations, etc. is collected.

Retailers can use the Advisor to evaluate their current program, set goals on where they would like their program to be, understand how their approach compares to peers and communicate internally about their program’s strengths, needs, and progress.


The Advisor is a unique way to compare your program elements with other retailers, including companies with similar operations and compliance profile. In addition to information on the management program, benchmarking includes information on team structures, size, budgets, and more. Users can also benchmark internally with other parts of the company including subsidiaries, regions or facility types to evaluate any gaps or identify potential issues before there is a problem.


A company’s assessment triggers tailored guidance about their program. This guidance, developed by retail environmental compliance experts, provides information on how companies can reduce risk and improve performance. The guidance is either in the form of an observation or a recommendation and helps users identify potential vulnerabilities and opportunities in their current program as well as suggestions for moving to the next level, if warranted.


The Advisor’s collaboration function engages retail teams and allows work across departments and even with consultants and contractors to gather the most accurate data, enhance understanding, and communicate the importance of compliance across the enterprise. 


Retailers can use the Advisor’s on-line visualizations and downloadable reports to better understand and evaluate their company’s program, see benchmarking comparisons, optimize audit program strategy and communicate the value of the program internally. This information is valuable for strategic planning, goal setting, and tracking results.

Environmental Mangement Systems for Retail 

The Advisor follows the structure of an Environmental Management System (EMS). The RCC has developed retail-specific guidance on implementing  Environmental Management Systems.  This resource includes detailed information on how to implement an EMS, checklists for gap analysis and spreadsheets to help with implementation. The EMS material is useful even for retailers who are not implementing a full EMS but are looking to improve the performance of their program or need to develop new approaches to fill gaps.
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Companies can use the RILA Retail Advisor to: 

  • Better understand their current environmental compliance program 
  • Identify program gaps and areas of risk 
  • Start internal discussions about the optimal program for the company and set goals
  • Build understanding and support for program optimization with management  
  • Benchmark with peers and with different parts of the company (e.g., regions, types of facilities, retail banners, etc.) 


The Advisor evaluates environmental compliance programs using customized program assessments based on RILA’s  Compliance Leadership Model (CLM). The CLM is a compliance program framework based on ISO 14001: Environmental Management Systems and ISO 19600: Compliance Management Systems, as well as the U.S. Federal Sentencing Guidelines. The model lays out 4 program levels, from Essential to Proactive, that outlines elements of a complete compliance program starting with a basic program through increasingly structured, centralized, analytic and proactive elements. There is no one right level, the optimum program depends on the retailer’s regulatory obligations, risk, culture, and operations.

  • Program Management

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