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Aerosols As Universal Waste Rule Tracking Matrix

  • Matrix
  • 01/01/2023

State-by-state tracking of adoption of the EPA rule to list aerosol cans as universal waste. Learn More

Compliance Leadership Model

  • Matrix

Compliance model intended to help retail companies optimize and benchmark environmental compliance programs. Learn More

Hazardous Waste Variations by State Matrix

  • Matrix

Overview of state variations in hazardous waste regulations under RCRA, including hazardous waste characteristics, thresholds, and universal waste. Learn More

Volatile Organic Compounds Matrix

  • Matrix

Federal and state standards for allowable VOC compounds in specific retail products such as air fresheners, cleaners, adhesives, and more. Learn More

Pharm Rule State Implementation Matrix

  • Matrix

Tracks state adoption of pharmaceutical hazardous waste regulations, including nicotine. Learn More

Energy Management Leadership Model

  • Matrix

RILA's Retail Energy Management Leadership Model that provides a roadmap to help retail energy managers optimize their energy programs. Learn More

COVID-19 State Bottle Redemption Regulations

  • Matrix

Summary of states that have suspended enforcement related to the take back of containers in response to the disruption caused by COVID-19. Learn More

Variations In Hazardous Waste Generator Reporting

  • Matrix

Overview of variations in hazardous waste reporting by state for routine periodic reporting and requirements for manifest submissions. Learn More

eWaste Matrix

  • Matrix

Overview of state legislation with requirements for retailers on managing waste electronic products or ewaste. Learn More

Spill Reporting Matrix

  • Matrix

Summary of state requirements for reporting spills of oil or hazardous substances, including reporting quantity and contact information. Learn More

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