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The Retail Compliance Center (RCC) provides resources on environmental compliance and sustainability for all types and sizes of retailers. The RCC develops retail-specific resources, tools and innovative solutions, and provides benchmarking opportunities to help companies cost-effectively improve their compliance and environmental performance.

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Learn about compliance and sustainability regulations relevant to retail

The Retail Compliance Center has a number of resources related to regulations that apply in retail including introductory information as well as detailed reviews of regulations and variations in state requirements. For a range of resources within specific areas, view our focus area pages. For detailed information on specific regulations with retail-focused compliance information, as well as tables with variations of key elements by state, view the regulatory resources below.

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Regulatory Areas

Resources that cover introductory articles on regulations as well as detailed resources on specific regulations and variations at the state level

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Program Management

Resources to help design, evaluate, and optimize retail environmental programs including regulatory compliance, energy management, and sustainability.

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Retail Operations

Resources that cover store level activities such as store maintenance, waste and recycling, storage tanks, equipment and building maintenance.

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Energy Management

Tools and resources to help retail energy managers optimize their programs and reach their set goals.

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Retail Sustainability

Resources focused on environmental sustainability issues primarily related to retail facilities and operations, such as air, water, waste and energy.

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Community Engagement

Opportunities for retail professionals to connect and share through committees and networks, webinars, meetings, and newsletters.

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Regulatory Resources

Detailed reviews of regulations that apply in retail and variations in state requirements.

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Online training and recorded webinars on retail environmental compliance and sustainability.

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Featured Resources

Sustainable Packaging: LDPE Film

Sustainable Packaging: LDPE Film

Highlights trends; sustainable packaging strategy options including elimination, reduction, and alternative material use; and leading practices.

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Sustainable Packaging Clearinghouse

Sustainable Packaging Clearinghouse

This Clearinghouse highlights sustainable packaging-related policy, guidance, and trends.

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Extended Producer Responsibility for Retail

Extended Producer Responsibility for Retail

Resource page showcasing different types of EPR and the associated legislation

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Roadmaps to help you build and sustain your programs

Retail Sustainability Leadership Model

Tool for retail sustainability executives to identify the management practices that will drive improved corporate and environmental performance.

Sustainability Resource Library

Resource library providing specific tools, case studies, and opportunities to help progress the maturity of retail sustainability programs.

Compliance Leadership Model

Compliance model intended to help retail companies optimize and benchmark environmental compliance programs.

Environmental Management Systems (EMS) for Retail

Guidance on how to optimize or develop an Environmental Management Systems in the retail industry.

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