Retail Operations

Retail operations covers a broad range of activities related to the management of retail facilities. In this context, we are covering store level activities that consumers don’t usually see such as store maintenance, waste and recycling, storage tanks, equipment, and building maintenance. These areas all have aspects that have environmental impacts and may be covered by federal, state or local regulations. Just about all the RCC resources have some aspect that pertains to retail operations.

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Retail Operations Resources

Introductory Resources

Store Operations

Environmental issues related to all aspects of retail operations including maintenance, hazardous materials, boilers, pest management, HVAC and more.

Storage Tanks Regulations

Regulations for environmental management of above ground and underground storage tanks, primarily for petroleum storage including SPCC plans.

Hazardous Materials Transportation

Regulations covering the transportation of materials that are considered hazardous materials by DOT such as aerosols and cleaning products.

Detailed Regulatory Resources

Lithium Batteries Fact Sheet

FAQs on requirements for shipping lithium batteries.

Additional Resources


Detailed reviews of regulations that apply in retail and variations in state requirements.

Environmental Management Systems (EMS) for Retail

Guidance on how to optimize or develop an Environmental Management Systems in the retail industry.


Online training and recorded webinars on retail environmental compliance and sustainability

Landlord Collaboration

Through the Landlord-Tenant Energy Partnership, RILA works with ICSC, IMT and PRSM to reduce leasing barriers for energy projects and reduce costs.

Introduction to Environmental Regulations for Retail

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