Regulatory Areas

The retail sector must comply with regulations in a broad range of areas. The specific regulations and requirements depend on the facility (e.g., distribution center or store; free standing or in a mall), the operations (e.g., emergency generators, gas stations, or refrigeration), and the jurisdiction (as specific requirements can vary by state or even local jurisdiction). The RCC resources below include introductory articles on regulations likely to apply in a retail setting as well as more detailed resources on specific regulations and variations at the state level. Recorded webinars on the RCC Training page and blog posts and other news on the RCC Insights Page include additional information on regulations and how they apply in retail. The Regulatory Resources page organizes resources by type (introductory pages, facts sheets and state matrices).



Overview of air regulations that typically apply in retail such as refrigeration, boilers, asbestos, emergency generators, and fuel stations.

Hazardous Materials Transportation

Regulations for the transportation of items considered hazardous materials under DOT regulations.

Hazardous Waste

Regulations for hazardous waste, which in retail can include some unsalable products as well as some operational waste. Also covers universal wastes.

Solid Waste

Resources on solid waste management, recycling and organic waste requirements, and disposal bans.


Regulatory resources related to water in retail facilities such as wastewater, stormwater management, and water pollution.

Storage Tanks

Regulations, including SPCC plans, for above-ground and underground storage tanks.

Product Compliance

Regulations at the product level that cover chemicals in products, labeling and disclosure requirements, pesticides and performance standards.

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