Sustainable Fleets: Transportation + Sustainability Series

June 30th, 2021

Whether your company works with carrier partners or has a private fleet, this behind-the-scenes discussion on the rapidly-evolving world of sustainable trucking will help chart your path! Supply chain fleet emissions reductions are critical to improving retail transportation sustainability, and mobile emissions are getting more attention than ever before from federal and state policymakers. Our speakers are:

  • Yann Kulp, Co-founder at eIQ Mobility, a NextEra Energy Company
  • Brook Detterman, Principal with environmental law firm Beveridge and Diamond
  • Steve Moelk, Fulfillment Project Implementation Manager at IKEA.

This overview of sustainable trucking and fleets, includes the landscape of regulations and incentives aimed at decarbonizing trucking, as well as practical insights into the state of low-carbon fleet technology. Learn what a company transition towards electric fleets looks like in practice!

Please note, the information and content presented in this webinar represents the views, thoughts, and opinions of our participating panelists and should not be interpreted as representing the views, thoughts, or opinions of RILA on this topic.

eIQ Mobility Slides      B&D Slides      IKEA Slides

Yann Kulp at eIQ Mobility, Brook Detterman and Steve Moelk discuss the future of sustainable fleets.

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