Energy Resiliency in the Supply Chain

July 28th, 2021

Retail’s increased growth and velocity, coupled with more technology and automation, means more demand for power in DCs and other facilities – and a greater imperative for uninterrupted power. In the final webinar of RILA’s 2021 Transportation & Sustainability Series, Argonne National Laboratory spoke about the current and future state of energy resiliency. After, nationwide retailer/wholesaler Stewart & Stevenson broke down how they are working toward a more resilient supply chain, made possible through microgrid technology. Unlike generators and other power management strategies, microgrids give retailers a powerful tool to help ensure continuous product flow, keep customers happy and move one step closer toward carbon neutrality. Visit this webinar recording, sponsored by Duke Energy Sustainable Solutions, to learn how to gain foundational uptime assurance, achieve true supply chain resiliency and operate with fewer emissions and more control over your energy use and spend.

Argonne Slides      Duke Energy Slides

Hear Duke Energy Sustainable Solutions along with Argonne Lab and Stewart & Stevenson discuss energy resiliency.

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