Electric Vehicle Fleets

Retailers spend an enormous amount of time and resources optimizing their supply chain infrastructure to best serve their customers and protect the environment. Increasingly, this has included evaluating lower emissions fueling and truck options for fleets, whether owned or contracted through a supply chain partner. Electric vehicle (EV) fleets have garnered much attention as a potential solution, however being relatively new to markets, questions around competitiveness, cost of ownership, impact to supply chains, infrastructure capacity and adoption strategies of EV fleets have emerged.

The Retail Industry Leaders Association (RILA) with Atlas Public Policy, the Center for Climate and Energy Solutions (C2ES), and David Gardiner & Associates (DGA), worked to understand the landscape and outlook for electrified trucking options for medium-and heavy-duty vehicles. This collaboration produced a fleet procurement analysis tool for companies, and two reports identifying financial barriers and insights for retailers and trucking companies which can be found in the library below.

For more information about retailers' adoption of electric vehicles or any of the tools presented here, please contact Jess Dankert, Vice President of Supply Chain or Erin Hiatt, Vice President of CSR at RILA.

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Fleet Procurement Analysis Tool

Fleet Procurement Analysis Tool

Decision relevant information on the financial viability and environmental impact of light- medium-, and heavy- duty vehicle fleet procurements.

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Assessing Financial Barriers to the Adoption of Electric Trucks

Assessing Financial Barriers to the Adoption of Electric Trucks

Breakdown as to the market landscape, challenges, and opportunities for electric truck adoption among retailer shippers and their transportation partners.

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Insights on Electric Trucks for Retailers and Trucking Companies

Insights on Electric Trucks for Retailers and Trucking Companies

Lessons from EV manufacturer and retail and trucking companies that have piloted EV trucks.

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