Cut Costs, Increase Efficiency, and Reduce Emissions

June 2nd 2021

Each year heavy trucks run 175 billion miles moving truckload freight in the US. Of these, 61 billion are empty miles — meaning a truck travels without a load — that contribute over 87 million metric tons of carbon emissions annually. For large retailers, empty miles represent a tremendous opportunity to reduce emissions—and also increase efficiency through freight matching, while gaining a cost advantage. Hear firsthand experiences from Ron Guzzi, Senior Manager, Transporation Carrier Relations and Sourcing from the Home Depot, one of the largest shippers in retail. Plus Jennifer Wong, Head of Sustainability, will provide insights from Convoy on how to get started—or accelerate—your journey to fewer empty miles.

Convoy Slides          The Home Depot Slides

Jennifer Wong from Convoy and Ron Guzzi from The Home Depot share insights on how to reduce empty miles.

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