Somewhat surprisingly, a number of air regulations apply in a retail setting, both related to operations and to product sales. The main operational areas with air regulations that retailers should know about are refrigeration and cooling equipment because common refrigerants are ozone-depleting substances or greenhouse gases or both, and emergency generators, which are typically powered by engines that emit pollutants. Other areas that have air regulations are fueling stations, ammonia refrigeration, asbestos removal, and large boilers. On the product side, there are regulations related to emission standards for vehicles and products with motors such as mowers and garden equipment, and sales of products that emit chemicals such as volatile organic compounds (VOC). Air regulations can be federal as well as state and local.  

The RCC has a number of resources related to air regulations that apply in retail including introductory information as well as detailed reviews of regulations and variations in state requirements. 

Air Resources

Introductory Resources

Air Regulations

Regulations for potential air emissions found in retail such as refrigeration, boilers, asbestos, emergency generators, and fuel stations.

Appliances and Electronics

Regulatory areas for appliances and electronics including hazardous waste, e-waste, and refrigerants.


Regulatory areas for grocery including food waste, air emissions, refrigeration, product sales, and hazardous waste.

Home Improvement

Regulatory areas for home improvement including hazardous waste, pesticides, stormwater, and home repair.

Product Compliance and Toxins Regulations

Regulations such as FIRFA, TSCA, state chemical regulations, and VOC standards that apply to certain retail products.

Vehicles Sales, Maintenance, and Products

Regulatory areas including hazardous waste, used oil, scrap tire management, wastewater, vehicle washing, and vehicle sales.

Store Operations

Regulatory areas for store operations including maintenance, hazardous materials, boilers, pest management, HVAC, consumer bags, and more.

Detailed Regulatory Resources

Emergency Generator Fact Sheet

Detailed look at emergency generator air regulations including regulatory requirements and federal compliance options.

Refrigerant Fact Sheet

Covers air regulations and management requirements that apply in retail covering refrigeration and A/C equipment and ammonia refrigeration systems.

Volatile Organic Compounds Fact Sheet

Information on federal and state regulations that set VOC standards for consumer products.

California Environmental Regulatory Structure Fact Sheet

Introduction to California regulatory agencies, environmental requirements, enforcement trends, and best practices.

Volatile Organic Compounds Matrix

Federal and state standards for allowable VOC compounds in specific retail products such as air fresheners, cleaners, adhesives, and more.

Emergency Generator Permitting Matrix

State-by-state summary of permitting options and exemptions for emergency generators, including general permits and construction operation permits.

State and Federal Regulation of Hydrofluorocarbons

Overview and summary of the state and federal regulation of Hydrofluorocarbons (HFCs)

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