There are several regulatory areas related to water that are relevant to retail facilities. This includes wastewater, for example material disposed of down a drain such as fats, oils and greases from food service as well as drinking water for facilities that have a drinking water well. Activities that have the potential to cause water pollution are typically be covered by federal or state regulations. This can include stormwater management for construction areas as well as for facilities with impervious surfaces such as free-standing stores or distributions centers. Other activities with the potential for water contamination are petroleum storage tanks and operations that could cause the release of oil or a hazardous substance such as vehicle maintenance or gas stations. 

Water Resources

Introductory Resources

Water Regulations

Environmental regulations related to water including wastewater, drain disposal, FOG, stormwater and drinking water.

Gasoline and Fuel Dealers

Regulatory areas include USTs, air emissions, emergency planning, as well as spills and used oil.

Storage Tanks Regulations

Regulations for environmental management of above ground and underground storage tanks, primarily for petroleum storage including SPCC plans.

Store Operations

Environmental issues related to all aspects of retail operations including maintenance, hazardous materials, boilers, pest management, HVAC and more.

Vehicles Sales, Maintenance and Products

Environmental regulations for retail sales of all types of vehicles, vehicle service and repair shops as well as related products such as batteries.

Detailed Regulatory Resources

Emergency Generator Fact Sheet

Detailed look at emergency generator air regulations including regulatory requirements and federal compliance options.

Spill Reporting Matrix

Summary of state requirements for reporting spills of oil or hazardous substances including reporting quantity and contact information.

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