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RILA's Retail Innovation Center helps leading retailers reimagine the 21st Century Workforce in a constantly changing landscape – one where diversity, innovation and technical skills are imperatives to business success. Whether it’s gig style work, and other tech-forward evolutions, intentional talent management and development, retailers are striving to harness these trends to reflect a diversifying consumer and talent marketplace. Below are a few RIC activities that facilitate RILA members’ efforts to recruit and retain the workers in the growing gig economy as well as the new generation of tech talent.

Global Retail Challenge 

Engaging dozens of multidisciplinary, 3-6-person student teams from international universities in the Global Retail Challenge, with finals hosted at McGill University in the fall following 8 weeks of design thinking curriculum.

Retailers serve as mentors and judges for the student teams, gaining exposure to recruits, creative circular economy solutions, and sharing the industry & activities in sustainability.

Sponsor the Global Retail Challenge

Sponsor the Global Retail Challenge

Sponsor a retail design competition for university students from around the world.

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Exposing students or professional hackers to the growing number of tech-oriented jobs in retail. Retailers will gain exposure to potential recruits and interject their own onsite team representatives with the creative energy of a campus competition. Contact Katie Nicholos at to learn how your company can get involved.


RILA partnered with Wegmans to sponsor BrickHack 4 in Rochester, NY. Wegmans opened an API to their product data to allow all the student “hackers” to develop any applications they wanted.
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