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The Energy Management Committee is composed of energy practitioners who work to improve energy efficiency and procurement – including the procurement of renewable and alternative energy. Energy practitioners address issues that affect the management of energy consumption as a retail operational expense and performance related to efficiency, emissions, and/or renewable energy that may be framed by a sustainability goal.  

The leading retailers benefdit from an energy technology landscape continuously developing new opportunities for efficiency improvements, sometimes eligible for utility rebates and incentives to encourage early adoption. Similarly, with ongoing changes in electricity fuel mix and significant increases in renewable energy generation, retail procurement strategies are evolving to meet the price and emissions needs of the organization.  

RILA’s Energy Management Committee is uniquely open to energy practitioners from all retail companies and provides a regular forum to benchmark and hear from experts, like National Labs, on rotating topics related to the implementation, management, and oversight of retail energy programs. The committee has two annual in-person meetings (both co-located with the EEI National Key Accounts conferences), benchmarking surveys, and monthly, focused benchmarking calls on members’ highest priority issues. 

Energy Management Committee members have full access to past meeting and call content, reports and benchmarking results which can be found below.  

For more information on RILA's Energy Management Committee, contact Erin Hiatt, senior director, sustainability and innovation at

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