Keeping Communities Safe

With the COVID-19 pandemic far from over, America’s retailers know they must remain vigilant and laser-focused on protecting the health and safety of their employees, customers, neighbors, and communities.   

Since the outset of the pandemic, retailers have been determined to provide their customers with the goods and services they want and need in a healthy and safe setting. Leading retailers: 

  • Voluntarily implemented mask requirements in their stores before many government orders were in place, 
  • Revamped store operations, investing billions in additional training and personal protective equipment to keep employees safe, 
  • Adopted new safety protocols and enhanced cleaning procedures, and  
  • Transformed their operating models to accommodate curbside pick-up and enhanced online ordering.  

Many retailers have stepped up during this global health crisis to assist with drive-through COVID-19 testing sites on their store properties and will also play a key role helping the government distribute coronavirus vaccines to long-term care facilities like nursing homes, and ultimately to the broader population.  

Confronting the coronavirus and its impact on employers, health systems, and our communities will continue to be a challenge well into 2021. RILA will focus on promoting the industry blueprint for shopping safe with the Biden Administration, governors, and state legislatures to ensure policymakers and customers alike have confidence in the industry’s ability to serve the community while keeping us all safe. The blueprint should negate any need for governors or other state lawmakers to institute widespread lockdowns or revert to the unnecessary essential/non-essential paradigm the industry faced in the Spring of 2020.  

Our Impact

Retail CEOs: Enough is enough – It's time to require masks

21 CEOs of major US retailers write an editorial on the need for safe re-opening while actively fighting the spread of Covid-19.

Safety is Essential – A Message to Governors from Retailers

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