Experts join RILA for a strategic conversation with three leading cybersecurity experts who will share how retail cyber risk profiles have changed and the questions retailers should be asking to best shield themselves from risk.

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Presenters and Speakers

Ann Johnson
Corporate VP, SCI-MBusiness Development

Bryon Hundley
VP, Intelligence Operations Retail & Hospitality

Howard Marshall
Managing Director, Global Cyber Threat Intelligence Lead
iDefense/Accenture Security


America’s largest retailers rely on an ecosystem of partners and outside resources to source, move, and deliver goods to consumers. Even modest interruptions can have substantial cascading effects, and it is why retailers constantly assess risk and build redundancy and flexibility into their operations.

The current war in Ukraine presents substantial risks to these businesses with direct and indirect threats arising from the conflict. Ranking high in the near- and mid-term, is the risk of cyber-attacks on individual retail businesses, their partners, and elements of critical infrastructure. Therefore, retailers are looking for information useful to evaluating their practices and developing mitigation strategies to limit their risk.

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