June 2022 Zero Waste Network Benchmarking Call

Call Agenda:
  1. Antitrust statement
  2. Program Updates
  3. Mainstreaming Leading Practices: Breakout Sessions (attendees will have the opportunity to attend two sessions on the below topics)
    • Hard-to-Recycle Materials
      • For which materials has your company faced barriers in recycling?
      • For which materials (that MRFs don’t recycle) has your company found solutions for?
    • Waste Diversion
      • What best practices has your company found in increasing waste diversion?
      • What barriers has your company faced in diverting waste (e.g., reporting, data collection, employee and/or consumer engagement)?
    • Recycled Content
      • What goals has your company set around recycled content?
      • What barriers has your company faced in pursuing use of recycled content?
  4. RILA Reminders

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