Customer Electric Vehicle Charging

As the number of passenger electric vehicles (EV) increases in the U.S., retailers are uniquely positioned to fill the gap for additional public electric vehicle charging infrastructure at their locations. While there are direct potential benefits from installing charging stations to retailers, such as direct revenue, increased sales, and improved corporate branding, determining how to implement EV charging infrastructure can be difficult. Whether retailers are designing passenger vehicle charging stations or even exploring fleet charging on their properties, there are key issues to consider and stakeholders to engage as leading practices.

The Retail Industry Leaders Association (RILA) with Atlas Public Policy, the Center for Climate and Energy Solutions (C2ES) and David Gardiner & Associates (DGA), explored potential EV charging infrastructure benefits and key implementation factors. This collaboration produced two reports, the first on common business models and financial scenarios and the second highlighting insights on variables retailers to consider, to effectively offer EV charging.

For more information about retailers' adoption of EV charging infrastructure or any of the tools presented here, please contact Erin Hiatt, Vice President of CSR at RILA.

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  • Climate and Sustainability
  • Retail Works for All of Us
  • Sustainability/Transportation Report
Public EV Charging Business Models for Retail Site Hosts

Public EV Charging Business Models for Retail Site Hosts

Examination of common business models employed by charging service providers and financial scenarios for charging infrastructure hosts.

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Electric Vehicle Charging for Retailers

Electric Vehicle Charging for Retailers

Interviews with utilities, charging station service providers and non-profits to determine key stakeholders and communications efforts to create and maintain EV charging stations.

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