Diversity and Inclusion


RILA’s Diversity & Inclusion Initiative focuses on the differentiated D&I practices within the retail operating model and minimizes duplication with other non-retail focused initiatives. Our practitioner-led effort provides support to member retailers at all points in their D&I organizational strategy, as well as assists all retailers in making progress from where they are, rather than a one standard definition of success. 

Why join?

As a participating company, you will help shape the resources and tools of RILA’s Diversity & Inclusion Initiative. D&I practitioners will also have the opportunity to benchmark with their peer networks who face similar challenges, such as the on-going brand and reputation risks associated with millions of daily consumer interactions. 

Get in touch

For more information or to get involved, please contact Brian Dodge at brian.dodge@rila.org or Evan Armstrong at evan.armstrong@rila.org.  

Current Participants

Diversity and Inclusion Advisor

A free cloud-based analytical platform that provides program evaluation, customized guidance, peer benchmarking, and goal setting for Diversity and Inclusion programs.

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