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RILA and the Retail Asset Protection Conference Steering Committee are proud to present a new asset protection webinar series that will cover critical topics in Retail AP. Although RILA was not able to bring the AP, loss prevention and safety communities together this month for our annual Retail Asset Protection Conference, we CAN deliver some of the great content you would have gotten there to you, via these live webinars.

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The series is free to retailers and service providers – attend one, attend all, or any number in between. And share with your teams so they can take advantage of this great content!

RILA is known for the value it brings to the retail industry through its communities, education, and in-person events and conferences. View all of RILA’s Asset Protection Webinars!

Previously Recorded Webinars

Predictive Prevention: Theft Modeling at Target

Learn how the University of Texas McCombs School of Business addressed an industry challenge: measuring the impact of AP programs and performance.

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RTech Startup Innovation Award

Startup Innovation Awards for Asset Protection finalist webinar recognizes startups innovating in the areas covered in the Total Retail Loss Report.

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The Facial Recognition Technology Conundrum

Learn about the facial recognition legal and policy landscape and concerns around commercial and government deployments.

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The Interplay Between CAL and Federal OSHA

OSHA attorneys will explain the nuances of state and federal compliance and share tips for satisfying these often-misunderstood standards.

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Legal Liability for Acts of Violence in Retail

Review high-profile lawsuits that illustrate the liability risks and lawsuits that can arise from different types of violence in the workplace.

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#DefeatThis: Beating the Bloggers at Their Own Game

Hear about the online forum shoplifters are using to share intel, how to efficiently vet the information and use it to beat thieves at their own game.

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The Ever-Changing Landscape of Cannabis

Hear an overview of the legal issues companies need to be aware of regarding cannabis, as well best practices for internally managing these issues.

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Are ORCAs Enough?

Attend this webinar to hear proven effective strategies for enhancing partnerships with local, state and federal law enforcement and the positive impact they are having on overall crime reduction.

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