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Retailers Support Biden’s Actions on Masks, Vaccine Funding

Retailers welcome President Biden’s Executive Order on masks and additional COVID relief priorities. Learn More

  • January 20, 2021

Press Release
Leading Retailers Welcome COVID Relief Legislation

The bipartisan COVID relief deal announced today is vitally important for families and businesses whose lives and livelihoods have been upended by COVID-19. Learn More

  • December 20, 2020

Press Release
Retail Industry Response to New Mexico Business Shutdowns

We strongly urge Governor Lujan Grisham’s to rethink her decision and consider adopting successful models implemented by governors facing similar surges of the virus. Learn More

  • November 13, 2020

Press Release
COVID-19 Liability Shield Welcomed by Leading Retailers

RILA statement in support of the liability reform provision included in the COVID-19 Phase 4 package. Learn More

  • July 27, 2020

Press Release
Retailers Welcome Bill to Promote Healthy Workplaces

The Healthy Workplace Tax Credit would help businesses of all sizes offset the cost of cleaning workplaces to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Learn More

  • July 16, 2020

Press Release
Creative Thinking Required in Next Round of UI

As the economy reopens across the country, the role of unemployment insurance is vital and nuanced. Learn More

  • June 9, 2020

Press Release
Leading Retailers Ready to Help Lead Healing, Rebuilding

We must tackle the spread of hate and fear with the same determination we’ve fought the coronavirus. Learn More

  • June 1, 2020

Press Release
Safety, Confidence, Creativity Key to Restoring Paychecks

RILA urges lawmakers to pass legislation that restores confidence, rebuilds the economy, and helps retail employees get back to work. Learn More

  • May 21, 2020

Press Release
RILA Grows BOD, Retailers Focused on COVID-19 Collaboration

RILA Hosts bi-annual board of directors meeting, elects two new members. Learn More

  • May 8, 2020

Press Release
Retailers Unveil Blueprint for Shopping Safe

Retail industry's Blueprint for Shopping Safe outlines a phased-in approach to reopening retail. Learn More

  • April 27, 2020

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