Jess Dankert on NPR Discussing Navigating the Supply Chain

NPR news went to the Port of Baltimore to report on supply chain delays. With west coast ports severely backlogged, companies are looking for alternative ways to move products.
Jess Dankert, RILA VP Supply Chain told NPR that retailers are looking at alternative routing and other creative solutions to keep goods moving.
“All of our retailers are again collaborating with their suppliers with their carriers and logistic service providers to find ways to flex those supply chains and reroute around particular areas of disruption,” said Dankert.
RILA is working to better illuminate the retail supply chain story to policymakers and consumers. While the challenges are considerable, retailers are finding workarounds.
“Leading retailers are applying all their logistics, distribution and fulfillment resources and workforces to ensure products keep moving to store shelves and customers’ doorsteps ahead of the holiday season,” Dankert wrote in a recent RILA blog.
RILA continues to urge Congress to pass the bipartisan infrastructure deal. The legislation will help modernize our interconnected transportation systems and spur private investment and innovation. Retailers are also urging the Biden Administration to support interoperable data sharing that will enable the visibility and plannability necessary for today’s light-speed supply chains. 
You can listen to the full NPR interview here.
To learn more about RILA's work helping retailers navigate today's supply chain challenges, please contact Vice President of Supply Chain Jess Dankert.

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