Retailers Welcome Biden Commitment to Supply Chain Crisis

Addressing systemic challenges requires ongoing attention

Retail supply chains are under tremendous strain, due to an extraordinary confluence of circumstances: enormous demand, soaring costs to ship freight, constrained capacity and equipment shortages, systemic challenges of existing transportation networks, and bottlenecks at ports.
While the challenges are indisputable, leading retailers are applying all their logistics, distribution and fulfillment resources and workforces to ensure products keep moving to store shelves and customers’ doorsteps ahead of the holiday season.
We appreciate the Biden Administration’s recognition and commitment to partnering with retailers, port and union leaders, and other stakeholders to address some of the bottlenecks causing congestion in the supply chain. But we urge the administration to consider additional incremental steps that can help alleviate the current crisis, such as addressing container and chassis displacement, and repealing the duties on imported chassis.
Long-term reforms and new investments are also needed to ensure this doesn’t become an annual game of whack-a-mole for America’s retailers and all those that depend on secure and predictable supply chains.
In addition to supporting the bipartisan infrastructure deal to modernize U.S port infrastructure, retailers urge the Biden Administration to support interoperable data sharing that will enable the visibility and plannability necessary for today’s light-speed supply chain. The administration should also bolster the Federal Maritime Commission’s work providing oversight of foreign-owned ocean carriers, alliances, and terminal operators, sending the message that competition and fair, open supply chains are essential to the American economy. 
Retailers stand ready to partner with the Biden-Harris administration as we collectively work together to improve our ports and supply chains and unlock the potential of the U.S. economy.

To learn more about RILA's work helping retailers navigate today's supply chain challenges, please contact Vice President of Supply Chain Jess Dankert.
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