Retailers Talk Talent, Public Policy at Workforce Summit

RILA Virtual Workforce Summit Wrap Up

RILA recently hosted its Summer 2021 Virtual Workforce Summit, an bi-annual event that brings together top human resources and government affairs executives to discuss the latest workforce trends and issues impacting retail.

As has been the case with each Summit we have hosted since the middle of the pandemic, attendance and enthusiasm was great. Over the course of the two day summit, there were over 40 different retailers who listened in to hear from a great slate of speakers and topics.

A few highlights:

  • David Cleary, Republican Staff Director for the Senate HELP Committee, joined us to discuss the debates in the Senate around workforce policies like the PRO Act.
  • Jay Kuhns (IRI) and Elizabeth Norberg, CHRO for Foot Locker, explored the benefits of employer brand strategies as a tool for recruitment, and retention as well as a bulwark against potential labor strife.
  • Laura Maechtlen (Seyfarth) and Allison Bernstein, Chief Employment Counsel for 7-11, probed the range of risks as a baseline for employers to examine against their own programs, while considering how best to move forward with facilitating the change that is needed to achieve inclusive workplace culture.
  • Melissa Hassett (Manpower Group Talent Solutions) and Sarah Cox, CHRO for L.L. Bean, discussed creative recruiting strategies through a DEI lens.
Although these Summits were born out of the remote environment from the past fifteen months, RILA is planning to continue the virtual nature of these Summits to make it easier to bring leaders together under the 21st Century Retail Workforce banner.

For more information about the Summit or RILA's workforce communities and activites, please reach out to Evan Armstrong.
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