World Trade Week 2021

President Biden recently declared this week, May 16-22, 2021, as World Trade Week. In his announcement, Biden said, "As we work to defeat the pandemic and build back better, World Trade Week reminds us of the important role that global trade plays in creating jobs and strengthening the United States economy — and of our responsibility to pursue trade policies that center on American workers."

Biden also reiterated the Administration's commitment "to strengthening existing trade policies — and developing new ones aimed toward promoting equitable growth, protecting workers’ rights, and advancing environmental justice."

Biden also emphasized that the Administration is "holding our trade partners accountable and ensuring that they do not gain competitive advantages by violating workers’ rights or engaging in unfair trade practices."

In conclusion Biden said, "If we invest in America, and if we make sure that the United States and our partners write the rules of the road when it comes to global trade, then American factory workers, retail workers, farmers, ranchers, and fishers in every community will have a better chance to earn their place in the middle class and live lives of greater opportunity."

RILA Vice President of International Trade Blake Harden issued a statement welcoming the opportunity to work with the Biden-Harris Administration on implementing a U.S. trade policy that rolls back destructive tariffs that have failed to stop China’s unfair trading practices and that continue creating economic harm to U.S. retailers and the American families and consumers they serve.

We also look forward to working with the Administration on a U.S. trade policy that supports American businesses and workers by resolving trade disputes through strategic dialogues and by opening new markets to American goods and services all over the world. 

International trade plays a substantial role in leading retailers’ ability to provide customers the quality products they need at a price point they can afford. Our industry supports more than 50 million American jobs and trade policies have a significant impact on our ability to support those jobs and strengthen the U.S. economy. 

Blake Harden
  • Vice President, International Trad
  • RILA
To truly build back better, U.S. trade policy cannot take a backseat to our domestic policy – it must be done in tandem. We hope World Trade Week shines a light on how a smart, cohesive, and strategic U.S. trade policy can help American businesses, workers, and families emerge from the pandemic stronger than ever.

RILA continues to work with the administration and policy makers to ensure U.S. trade policy positions retail businesses for long-term success. When policies are fair and allow retailers to compete, customers, communities, and workers all benefit.

Learn more about the trade policies the retail industry supports here. For more information on RILA's advocacy efforts on trade issues, please contact Vice President of International Trade Blake Harden
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