Four Startups Driving Workforce Innovation in Retail

RILA recently hosted top human resources and workforce policy executives for our Virtual Retail Workforce Summit. The Summit was an opportunity for industry peers to explore workforce trends and discuss focus areas for the year ahead. In addition, the attendees were introduced to four startups designing innovative solutions to some of retailers’ top workforce-related challenges, including benefits, recruitment, training, and verified background checks.

The startups, curated by the Retail Innovation Center, pitched their technology directly to retailers and participated in a panel discussion that provided compelling insight into how these companies view their role in the retail ecosystem.

The startups featured include:


Fringe is the first platform for personalized lifestyle benefits. On our platform, employees can choose from over 100+ lifestyle and wellbeing benefits that simplify life, reduce stress, impact the family, and spark joy.

Hive Diversity

Hive Diversity is a revolutionary, first-of-its-kind virtual recruiting platform that’s built for equity and powered by inclusion. With a focus on democratizing the career process for all students, our platform creates meaningful engagement between businesses and our robust community of students and recent graduates who offer to the professional world an ever-evolving range of diverse backgrounds, skills, and interests. is a comprehensive data-led talent intelligence platform, enabling enterprises to manage talents lifecycle, from strategic workforce planning, through acquisition, internal mobility, and development.


Certree is an anti-fraud certification platform that eliminates document fraud while protecting individual privacy. Certree empowers individuals to own their own sensitive data and share it with verifiers of their choice while maintaining document authenticity.
The startup pitches featured at this year’s Retail Workforce Summit were facilitated in collaboration with RILA’s Retail Innovation Center. To stay up to date with all of RILA’s innovation initiatives and offerings, sign up for their monthly newsletter via the button below.
For more information or to get in contact with any of the startups featured at this year’s Summit, please contact Katie Nicholos.
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