Fully stocked: Alternative workforce models for retail

New report from RILA and ManpowerGroup Solutions

The retail industry is a window into the American workforce.

As tectonic shifts in the market continue to create ripples across the American economy, leading retailers find themselves at the epicenter of a retail revolution that extends to the workforce. Retail workers represent all types of people in different types of roles with varying levels of experience, education and skills. RILA is fond of saying that retail is for everyone; it is the place for a first job, a second chance, a third act. And depending on what opportunity an individual is seeking, retail can be a lifelong career or a part-time side hustle. The retail workforce is truly representative of the American workforce.

The evolution of the gig economy and trends around independent and autonomous work are impacting retailers in ways that were unimagined just a few years ago. Leading retailers who have been the employers of choice for individuals seeking flexible work schedules are seeing their traditional talent migrate to gig platforms.
To stay ahead, retail leaders are constantly reimagining the workforce experience, with the understanding that people ultimately drive retail success. The battle for talent is fierce, and retailers that strategically recruit talent when and where candidates want to find work will have an advantage.

As policymakers asses what the future of work means for both employers and employees, RILA is excited to partner with ManpowerGroup Solutions on Fully Stocked: Alternative Workforce Models for Retail to provide tangible thought leadership around the evolving talent marketplace and examine how retailers can successfully adapt.

Leading retailers are building a 21st century retail workforce that is diverse, innovative, and skilled. From operations to public policy, RILA and its members are looking to shape the rapidly changing landscape to ensure that talent will always be able to choose retail as a path to achieve personal and professional success.
To learn more about RILA’s workforce initiatives, please contact VP of Workforce Evan Armstrong.

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