Fully Stocked Alternative Workforce Models for Retail (2019)


The evolution of the gig economy and trends around independent and autonomous work are impacting retailers in ways that were unimagined just a few years ago. Leading retailers who have been the employers of choice for individuals seeking flexible work schedules are seeing their traditional talent migrate to gig platforms. To stay ahead, retail leaders are constantly reimagining the workforce experience, with the understanding that people ultimately drive retail success. The battle for talent is fierce, and retailers that strategically recruit talent when and where candidates want to find work will have an advantage.

Fully Stocked: Alternative Workforce Models for Retail provides tangible thought leadership around the evolving talent marketplace and examines how retailers can successfully adapt.


Retail candidates need flexibility:

  • 80% of retail candidates cite time for study, another job, family responsibilities, or self-enrichment as the main attraction of non-full-time work.
  • 22% of warehouse/distribution candidates and 24% of in-store candidates desire more choice and control in their work shifts

Retail candidates preferring alternative work models:

  • 31% of e-commerce candidates
  • 16% of in-store workers
  • 12% of warehouse/distribution workers
  • 9% corporate roles

To be competitive, the retail industry needs different work platforms for different people at different times in their lives. The future relies on building as system where independent work is legal and accessible. Independent work is not a substitute for the traditional workforce, but rather a supplement for those who want to work in this manner.


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